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Spare parts

Spare parts

Minotor-Service supplies spare parts for the military equipment of ex-Soviet and East European origin to various nations worldwide:

Armored Fighting Vehicles

  •  T-55 (T-54) / T-62 / T-72 Main Battle Tanks
    (including В-46-series engines)ghg


  •  BMP-1 / BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
    (including UTD-20-series engines)


  •  BTR-50 Armored Personnel carrier / PT-76 Light Tank
    (including В-6-series engines) 


  • BTR-60 / BTR-70
 Multi-Purpose / Special Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles
  • ATS-59 / ATS-59G Medium Artillery Tow Tractor
    (including А-650-series engines)


  • MT-LB / MT-LBu Multi-Role Vehicle


  • GSP / PTS-M Bridge Launchers
Air Defense Systems
  •  2S6 Tunguska SPAAG/SPAAM 


  • ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” SPAAG


  • “Kvadrat” SPAAM