Official website of Minotor-Service. Design, manufacture, modernization and maintenance of combat vehicles



Headquartered in Minsk, Belarus, Minotor-Service Enterprise designs, manufactures and maintains land and amphibious tracked combat vehicles designed for the use with ground forces and Marine Corps units.

Main activity areas of Minotor-Service are:

  • research and development, design work, and experimental development
  • modernization of the military equipment that is currently in service
  • repair and maintenance of special vehicles
  • spare parts supplies, export / import

Minotor-Service developed the following vehicles:

Minotor-Service offers following upgrade programs:


Minotor-Service provides repair and maintenance for the following AA systems:
  • Tunguska SPAAG/SPAAM (NATO designation M1986) (GM-352, GM-352M, GM-352M1)
  • Buk SPAAM (NATO designation SA-11 Gadfly) (GM-569, GM-577, GM-579)
  • Kvadrat SPAAM (NATO designation SA-6 Gainful) (GM-568, GM-578)
  • ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAAG (GM-575)
  • Tor SPAAM (NATO designation SA-15 Gauntlet) (GM-355, GM-355A)